Sun.May 12, 2024

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Optimising Liver Health for Menopause: Key Strategies for Women Over 40

Alison Bladh

Optimising Liver Health for Menopause Menopause transforms a woman's life, bringing significant physiological changes. A crucial yet often overlooked aspect is liver health. Your liver, a vital organ, regulates various functions, including hormone balance, pivotal during menopause. Why Liver Health is Crucial During Menopause Maintaining liver health is essential as you enter your forties and beyond.

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How To Choose The Right Serum For Your Age

Beautiful With Brains - Antiaging

How do you choose the right serum for your age? Does it even matter? Skin is skin. But as it gets older, it starts to face different challenges. Wrinkles. Dark spots. Dryness. That serum you may have loved in your 20s may not cut it anymore now you’re in your 40s. Or you may be […] The post How To Choose The Right Serum For Your Age appeared first on Beautiful With Brains.


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Motherhood and Dermatoses: Exploring the Connection Between Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and the Skin

Dermatology Times

This Mother's Day, we are reviewing the interconnected relationships between pregnancy, breastfeeding, skin conditions, and managing dermatoses.

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What Is Diademic Method™ And Why Does A Princess Love it? 

Lipgloss and Aftershave

Nelly De Vuyst personifies the term “quiet luxury”, it’s the ultimate combination of science and luxury. Imagine a PhD in BioChemistry in a Christian Dior suit. All of which is evidenced by the brand’s commitment to sustainability; use of organic, chemical-free ingredients ; proprietary delivery system , cutting-edge ingredient technology , and its elevated approach to experiential treatments for skin and body.

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Formulation E-Summit Replay

The Eco Well Blog

Thanks everyone who attended the Formulation E-Summit on May 11th! An interactive and curated full-day event to give a cross section of cosmetic formulation science! Here is the replay page with the full stream link + all of the individual presentations and their slides! For presentations that don’t have their slides up yet, stay tuned, we’ll be populating them shortly!