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Saskatchewan Health & Sanitation information for salons and spas

Smart Start Consulting

Health & Sanitation information for salons and spas By far, one of the most asked questions when opening a salon and spa in Saskatchewan is: What are the rules I need to follow when opening a salon or spa in Saskatchewan? There is no easy answer to this one. It isn’t very clear.

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Do Lamps That Use UV-C Radiation to Kill Germs Pose Health Risks?

The Dermatology Digest

These lamps, which are designed to sanitize the air, objects, and surfaces, gained popularity for domestic use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Germicidal lamps using ultraviolet C (UV-C) radiation may pose health safety issues, according to a biomolecular analysis of their effects on apoptosis and senescence.


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Data-Driven Advice for Health Care Workers Experiencing Contact Dermatitis

Dermatology Times

Matthew Zirwas, MD, addressed solutions to the toll consistent handwashing, sanitizing, and wearing gloves can take on hands.

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Elevated Hygiene for Make-up by Jaclyn Luongo

National Aesthetic Spa Network

As licensed spa professionals our #1 priority has always been safety and sanitation.

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How to Fix Brittle Nails in the Winter

Hollywood Institute

Use Gentle Hand Sanitizers and Hand Soaps Sadly, many of the products we use to keep our homes clean use harsh chemicals that can dry out and even damage our skin. These chemicals are also used in hand soaps and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Don’t worry; you can still have classy winter nails, even without your usual colorful polish.

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Oncology Esthetics and Addressing Dry, Compromised Skin

Lydia Sarfati

– The importance of proper sanitation, set up, approaches and skin analysis for the oncology client. . – How to perform proper facial treatments such as the Hydra Dew Pure Moisturizing Lift Facial to restore and maintain the body’s essential first line of defense, the skin.

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What is hypochlorous acid?

Kind of Stephen

It’s why EPA approved hypochlorous acid sanitizers recommend you use a “fresh” solution, some as soon as within 2 weeks. Sanitizers, sterilants, and disinfectants, are also regulated by the FDA and EPA in the US ⁶. This might also mean a stored bottle of hypochlorous acid is no longer effective as a sanitizer.