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4 Reasons Why Chemical Exfoliants Are Better Than Scrubs

Beautiful With Brains - Skincare

I know ya all love to hate on chemicals, but I’m taking a stand for chemical exfoliants (those with exfoliating acids). Chemical exfoliants are better than physical exfoliants in every way. When I first started exfoliating, I’d use a scrub. Hear me out. Not that I had much choice in the matter.

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Is Chemical Exfoliation Good for Your Skin?

Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics

Welcome to the world of Chemical Exfoliation. We wanted to break down what makes chemical exfoliation so good for your skin, and how you can use treatments like this in your daily life to improve your skin. What Is Chemical Exfoliation? There are two main types of exfoliation. Does Chemical Exfoliation Hurt?


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How To Exfoliate Like A Pro, Extractions Included

The Organic Esthetician

Today I’ll be showing you how to exfoliate like a pro, by layering exfoliating products for a deeper treatment once a month. I will also be explaining the difference between each type of exfoliation and which exfoliants are best for each skin type. In the treatment room, I layer exfoliants to get better results.

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Salicylic Acid: The Only Exfoliant Oily Skin Needs

Beautiful With Brains - Ingredients

Salicylic acid is the skincare hero every woman […] The post Salicylic Acid: The Only Exfoliant Oily Skin Needs appeared first on Beautiful With Brains. Back then, I spent hours irritating scrubbing my face and drying out pimples with toothpaste (I read in a mag it worked ? ) and then wondered why my skin looked like a mess.

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Advanced Exfoliation with Dermodality

Lipgloss and Aftershave

Advanced Exfoliation with Dermodality Join Dermodality for a deep dive into exfoliation. This is a 2 part class – gain access to part 2 by connecting with Dermodality!

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Chemical Peel or Enzyme Exfoliation?

Enlightened Beauty

Knowing that, you probably won’t be surprised that chemical peels and enzyme exfoliation are my favorite treatments for the fall and winter! I love chemical peels for so many reasons, they really help to exfoliate the skin, lift pigment, kill acne bacteria, refine acne scarring, you name it. How Do Chemical Peels Work?

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Taking Exfoliation to the Next Level

Associated Skin Care Professionals

Blog Posts Sponsored by: Ultraceuticals By Tracey Beeby, Global Brand Ambassador, Ultraceuticals Long gone are the days where consumers experienced harsh professional chemical peels with long periods of downtime or the harmful effects of aggressive at-home exfoliants. Exfoliation, of course.