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Who Is Legally Allowed to Buy Botox Online in the USA?

Spa Industry Association

But who is legally allowed to purchase Botox? Continue reading Who Is Legally Allowed to Buy Botox Online in the USA? With its help, thousands of people worldwide effectively take care of a wide range of health and cosmetic issues related to muscle contraction. Do you need to have a special license to order it?

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Legal Requirements, Liabilities, & Benefits of Estheticians Seeking W2 Employees

Southeastern Esthetics Institute

For small employers, benefit plans tend to be offered on a voluntary basis and are not legally required. With the high cost of medical care in the United States, it’s no surprise that health insurance is one of the most highly sought-after benefits by employees.

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My Patient Claims He Has a Property Right Forcing Me to Treat Him. What Does That Mean?

Dermatology Times

This month's Legal Eagle column examines if patients have a legal property right to health care, given public funding of medical education.

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Audit-Ready Locks: ERC Audit Survival Guide for Salon Owners & Stylists

Salon Today

Legal professionals Claudia Vasquez and Tina Azarvand help you prepare what you need. With Employee Retention Credit (ERC) audits set to rise, are you ready if the IRS comes knocking?

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Navigating the 'Danger' Zone for Scope of Practice

Skin Inc

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How the FTC’s New Rule on Non-Competes Could Transform the Beauty and Wellness Industry

New Age Spa Institute

Increased mobility means that without non-compete constraints, professionals can move freely between salons, spas, and medspas to seek better opportunities, salary, or conditions without the fear of legal repercussions. However, please consult with a legal expert for a personalized review of your career status.

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Florida’s Plastic Surgery Bill is a Game Changer for BBLs


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