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Cholesterol & Menopause: Natural Management Strategies

Alison Bladh

Managing Cholesterol Naturally: A Guide for Women Navigating Menopause and Midlife As women transition through menopause and midlife, understanding the nuanced shifts in cholesterol levels becomes paramount. Progesterone: Has a less direct role in cholesterol management but influences the overall balance of hormones.

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Embracing Innovation in Aesthetic Practice Management

Les Nouvelles Esthetics & Spa

This shift is notably felt by practitioners who, until recently, had to juggle the dual responsibilities of managing extensive administrative tasks while providing top-tier client care. The innovation of specialized practice management software has changed this dynamic, automating many of these time-consuming tasks.


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Managing Melanin

Aesthetics Exposed

Hyperpigmentation, a discoloration of the skin that shows up as dark spots or patches, is a concern for many people. It can be caused and triggered by various factors such as inflammation, hormonal response, and sun exposure. There are three main types of hyperpigmentation that manifest in different ways.

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How to Manage Your Hunger Hormones: Managing Menopause's Effect on Eating Habits

Alison Bladh

By gaining insight into these hormonal shifts, we can develop strategies to manage our diet and lifestyle more effectively, ensuring a healthier and more balanced menopausal journey. Understanding ghrelin's role is crucial in managing menopausal weight gain and maintaining a balanced diet.

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10 Ways to Manage Holiday Stress, Moment by Moment

Salon Today

Ahead of her Destination Rejuvenation in March, Mary Wilson shares 10 strategies to manage both your mind and your body as you enter the busiest time of the year in the salon.

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Managing Dermatologic Surgery Challenges

Dermatology Times

Daniel Siegel, MD, shared strategies to manage surgery challenges, especially bleeding, to ensure a smooth experience for patients.

Surgery 73
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Managing Rosacea in Men: Tips for Prevention and Treatment

American Esthetician Organization

With this in mind, it is crucial to understand the specific challenges men face when managing rosacea and implement effective prevention and treatment strategies. Understanding Rosacea: A Brief Overview Before diving into the specifics of managing rosacea in men, let us first gain a better understanding of what rosacea is.

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