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5 Biggest Esthetic Education Mistakes

Aesthetics Exposed

As professionals, it is our job to be continually educated on all aspects of the esthetics industry, allowing us to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. The following are some of the mistakes that are commonly made when it comes to education. Limiting Yourself There are several resources to keep yourself educated and in the know.

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Exploring Specialized Areas Of Esthetics Education

The Skin Institute

Estheticians can further their education after taking basic or master's courses to set them apart from others in the industry. Becoming an esthetician means that you will be able to work in many different spas, salons, or industries. Specialized areas can help you better treat your client's needs or help you move up in your career.


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2024 SALON TODAY 200: Employee Education

Salon Today

It's Day 4 of our 2024 SALON TODAY 200 Alerts, and time to meet the honorees in the category of Employee Education.

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Introducing Malibu Metaversity, an Innovative Hair Education Platform

Beauty Launchpad

Discover the future of hair education with Malibu Metaversity! Immerse yourself in the science of hair care, mastering the use of Malibu C's renowned products in one platform. Download now for a transformative learning experience!

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Survey: Derm Residents Need More Education on Sensitive Skin

The Dermatology Digest

Fully 99% of dermatology residents believe that sensitive skin should be included in their residency training, yet less than half reported receiving specific education on sensitive skin, and 51% received non-specific education in the context of other skin diseases, according to a new survey in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

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Finding Spa Education on Social Media

Skin Inc

The question is though, which platform provides better educational content, and which is just more fun to watch? Social media is unavoidable when it comes to marketing in any industry.

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Stop Selling Retail – It Never Works – Start Educating 

Lipgloss and Aftershave

Estheticians Aren’t Sales People They’re Licensed Professionals As an educated, licensed professional, clients come to you for your expertise. Dentists give free toothbrushes and toothpaste at every cleaning because they know it’s their responsibility to educate on home care! They come to you to get help with their skin.