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Which Sun Protection Is Best For You?

The Organic Esthetician

Solara Suncare is one of my favorite sun protection brands. They offer clean, chemical-free Suncare products that work to support the skin’s barrier and protect against additional environmental irritants that stress the skin. Don’t Forget Your Lips Not only do your lips need sun protection but they also need moisture.

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Sun Smart: Help your clients find their ideal sun protection By Kathleen Dwyer

National Aesthetic Spa Network

It happens too often … clients invest time and money in treatments and products, but then hesitate to take the critical step of protecting their skin from daily UV exposure.


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A comment on the 2024 EWG Sunscreen Guide; Is EWG actively harming safe consumer sun protection?

The Eco Well Blog

Does the EWG actually want to make sun protection in the USA safer? Sun protection from sunscreen hinges on people wearing enough, regularly, and that hinges on whether they actually like the products they’re using. The sun protection benefits of sunscreen (e.g. Should you as a consumer be worried?

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The Importance of Sunscreen: Debunking Common Sun Protection Myths

Hollywood Institute

Daily use is the best way to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, as exposure can lead to wrinkles, sun damage, and skin cancer. Even when covered from the sun, it's a misconception to think you're protected. Let's take a quick look at some of the other common myths around sun protection.

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Many Still Believe Myth of Healthy Tan and Other Dangerous Untruths About Sun Protection

The Dermatology Digest

link] The survey, conducted by Ipsos, also found that young adults are likely to believe myths and misinformation on sun protection that may lead them away from proven methods of skin cancer prevention. adults ages 18 and older.

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Sun Protection: SPF vs. UPF

Art of Dermatology

With summer being hotter than ever, sun protection for your skin could not be more important. But the world of sun protection can be hard to understand when there are industry terms like SPF, UPF, UVB, and UVA. SPF stands for sun protection factor, and it is the number that rates how well sunscreen filters out UVB rays.

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Understanding Sun Protection Labels

Kind of Stephen

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) The SPF number is a ratio of how much UV exposure your skin can be exposed to with the sunscreen on compared to without. Understanding Sun Protection Labels " on KindofStephen. SPF, PA, PPD, UVA, Stars…What does it all mean?