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Facial Massage — Does it really help?

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Cons for facial massage: It will not tighten your skin. Pros for facial massage: It can just feel good. Could possibly help with penetration of good actives if you use them right before massaging. The post Facial Massage — Does it really help? It’s the “grail” of skincare. ?

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Exploring Daily Facial Massage at IFSCC 2023


Poster presentations brought together innovators and researchers from the cosmetics industry to unveil first studies on the transformative effects of massage, and focused in this instance on improved skin concerns, sleep patterns and mental well-being.


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High Tech/High Touch: New Approaches to Facial Massage with Real Results

Lydia Sarfati

Facial massage techniques have been used for centuries to help improve the appearance of the skin. When it comes to facial massage, in addition to psychological benefits, new research is finding that new techniques, such as CT scans, are showing some initial promise in quantifying actual morphological benefits to the skin. “In

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3 Ways to Make Facial Massage a Powerful Sensory Experience By Kaelin Jutras

National Aesthetic Spa Network

From traditional techniques using your hands to those that leverage the use of ancient skincare tools, facial massage is one of the most potent methods for both optimizing and supporting treatment results as well as … Continue reading 3 Ways to Make Facial Massage a Powerful Sensory Experience By Kaelin Jutras The post 3 Ways to Make Facial Massage (..)

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The Power of Touch: Dos and Don’ts For Adding Facial Massage To Your Professional Skincare Treatments

California Skincare Supply

In recent years, facial massage has seen a surge in popularity, with an increasing number of celebrities citing it as their go-to skincare treatment. With this in mind, now is the perfect time for beauty pros to brush up on their best moves and start introducing clients to the magic of facial massage.

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20+ Years in the Skincare Industry: Advice From an Esthetician

Kim Gallo Esthetics

Here are a few classic skincare treatments that continue to deliver results and remain popular among clients: Facial Massage Facial massage has been around for centuries and is known to have numerous benefits for the skin.

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Finding Balance: Personal and Professional Challenges in the Skincare Industry

Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance

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